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Is beer unhealthy?

To quote Paracelsus, the father of toxicology: “Everything is poison, there is poison in everything. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison.”
If consumed in excess quantities beer will, like any other substance, have adverse health effects (there is even a thing called „water intoxication“, which is potentially fatal!).
Consume beer on a daily basis in moderate quantities, let’s say half a liter per day for a male adult, and beer will be a valuable part of your alimentation.
Let’s look at an average beer with ± 4.8% alcohol: 0.5 liter of this beer contain 24 gram of pure alcohol at most (the percentage on the label indicates the maximum alcohol content in the beer), but more than 450 grams of water, and thus plays already a significant role in keeping your body hydrated.
Other compounds found in beer are carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, B-vitamins and essential organic acids.
If we look at our example beer from above, one can say that this type of beer would have approx. 40 kcal per 0.1 liter (red wine has approx 70 kcal., sparkling wine approx. 80 kcal. and hard cider 50 kcal. per 100 ml).
And what about vitamins and minerals? Surely there can’t be too much of them in beer, or? Quite on the contrary, it contains a lot of the important B-vitramins, especially Niacin (vitamin B3 – has been used to increase levels of HDL („good“) cholesterol in the blood and has been found to modestly decrease the risk of cardiovascular events), Pyridoxine (vitamin B6 – assists in the balancing of sodium and potassium as well as promoting red blood cell production) and Riboflavin (vitamin B2 – it plays a key role in energy metabolism, and for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins).
Additionally, our example beer contains a lot of magnesium – in one liter of beer there is enough to provide an adult person with approx. 45% of the daily recommended value. Add to that 27% of the total potassium needed, 23% of phosphorus and 38% of the total folic acid needed by an adult male, and all of a sudden beer doesn’t look so unhealthy anymore!
Although beer is far from being the evil, fattening and health destroying beverage as it is often described, it still has its risks. While moderate alcohol consumption can help to promote cardiovascular health, alcohol in any concentration greatly reduces ones ability to partake in traffic or operate machinery; so never drink and drive, and never operate any potentially hazardous machinery while under influence!

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